Bentonite Clay Baths – A How To Guide To Detoxing Your Body

bentonite-bathBentonite clay detox baths are becoming more and more popular. This is a mud bath that is used to cleanse the body. You can also let it cleanse you on the inside by eating or drinking it.

The next time you want to treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath, make sure to opt for bentonite clay. This is so that on top of relaxing your body, you can give it the thorough cleanse that it needs.

Just in case you were wondering…bentonite is a kind of clay left over after volcanic eruptions. You can find out more about it here.

Why To Detox Your Body Using Bentonite Clay?

We are surrounded by toxins and they make their way into our bodies all the time. As their levels get higher and higher we start to experience minor health problems that can sometimes grow into major diseases.

There are many ways to detox but there are only few that are as effective as bentonite clay. It cleanses out the most dangerous toxins, known as heavy metal toxins including mercury, lead and benzene.

The clay is able to draw out these toxins, but in addition to that it provides vital ingredients that your body may be missing. You get calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, potassium and many others.

By doing a bentonite clay detox you are not just flushing out dangerous toxins, you are also getting some vital supplements that are most likely missing or at very low levels.

How To Prepare A Bentonite Clay Bath

Preparing a bentonite-based bath is easy, but it is important to mention that you should not dump the clay into a tub full of water – it will only form lumps since the ash that makes the clay is so fine.

There are two ways that you can prepare this bath.

The first one is to mix it with water in a small bowl. Stir to remove all lumps. When it become a thick fluid you can then run a bath at whatever temperature you are comfortable with and then add the mud in while swirling the bowl to make sure that it goes in smoothly.

The other way is to apply the paste that you have prepared all over yourself and then get into the bath. You are free to soak in the bath for as long as you want.

Top 3 Bentonite Clay Bath Products

The Winner: Indian Healing Bentonite Clay

This clay has been used for centuries and is guaranteed to give you the cleanse of your life. It is very high quality and will clean your pores. You can also use it on hair and it comes with 100% guarantee.

Clear-Out Detox Clay Bath

This product eliminates mercury, lead, arsenic and aluminum. It will help take care of issues such as allergies, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, memory and more. You get value for money – you get 10 cups of mud for every single kit that you buy. It has step by step instructions and there are also pH strips, a drain screen, drain stopper and a herbal formula pack.

Pure Clay

This is powerful bentonite clay that you can use in the bath and also eat for a complete detox. It is harvested from deep in the ground where there are no contaminants.