Sodium vs Calcium Bentonite – Which Clay’s Better?

First Contender: Sodium

sodiumvscalciumSodium bentonite has very high percentages of sodium in the crystal lattice, and it also absorbs a large quantity of water, capable of expanding up to 15 times its original volume.

Sodium bentonite is mostly used in industries for various purposes. Some of its industrial applications include, used as suspension agents, binders, liner materials, wallboards, concrete, cement tiles, and as waterproofing building materials.

Because of its swelling nature, sodium bentonite is a very useful sealant in industries

In alternative health, sodium bentonite is still used as a foot and skin detoxifier. They are also used as a poultice in the health sector.

When compared to calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite expands and absorbs water much. This means that when this substance is internally taken, it could possibly cause constipation due to clumping up with the lack of water.

Another thing is that sodium bentonite is not good edible clay. This is because of the way that it is mined for various uses in the industry. It also has very high amounts of sodium.

There is certain sodium bentonite that is widely sold as edible clays. This type of edible sodium bentonite should be consumed with apple cider vinegar. This is because of the high contents of sodium that the clay has. The apple cider vinegar’s work is neutralizing the content of sodium.

And because of the high contents of sodium that is present in it, it should only be consumed in small units and amounts.

Anther important thing worth remembering from sodium bentonite is that it absorbs a high quantity of water, and therefore eating sodium clay is a health risk.

This substance is critical, and in most cases, they are mainly mined for use in the local factories.

Second Contender: Calcium

It is also called calcium montmorillonite. The have a high quantity of calcium compared to the other substances like sodium bentonite.

The natural calcium bentonite, which is green clay. Many people really like calcium bentonite because of the curative and healing powers. It also has high adsorption and absorption capabilities.

This substance can also be used for external skin issues.

The alkaline found there at times is odorless and is also very tasteless.

Calcium clay does not have any unnecessary consumption restriction as sodium bentonite.

For internal cleansing, the best clay is the montmorillonite or the green calcium bentonite. It is also good for detoxification. And that is the reason why it is referred to as living clay. For internal cleansing, you need a real non-gritty and a clean calcium bentonite.

Which One Is Better?

Sodium bentonite is the best because for first they are affordable. Because of the absorption swelling ability of sodium bentonite, it becomes an excellent desiccant. Those that are using clay still apply sodium bentonite to dry out their oily skin. It has an extraordinary ability to draw out impurities. The swelling properties of sodium bentonite also make it great healing clay. They can attract many toxins and also possess amazing detoxifying features.